Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

MDE - Happy St. Nicolaus Day

Just a small introduction to the ones, who are not familiar with St. Nicolaus Day. It is the day here in Germany (and some other european countries), were St. Nicolaus brings chocolate, sweets and other small gifts to the children who put the night before their polished boots in front of their doors. It isn't a official holiday. But many still do this custom with the boots filled with gifts. And because "Modern Day Erik" takes place in Germany (Just because I am most familiar with the modern insanties in Germany...). 

Funny note, until today, I can only think of St. Nicolaus as a differnt guy from Santa Claus, who is refered in my family to as "Joulupukki" which is the finnish word for Santa Claus. And I am very sorry to my american readers. But I have to say it: The real Santa Claus lives in Lapland on the mountain Korvatunturi (which means "ear mountain"). And from there he hears all the children in the world. Well I don't know, who the guy up there at the north pole is.... Maybe, maybe it is Joulupukkis twinbrother with the same job or it is the same guy and he just has two workshops!! One on the North Pole and the one (and main, of course) at the Korvatunturi. 

But aside from this. I hope you like this MDE-episode. And for all, who are not familiar with the Phantom of the Opera. It is basically a story about an ugly musician, who falls in love with a beautiful young singer. And who stalks her.

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