Montag, 21. November 2011

Sketchy Monday - "Trick or Tr...."-Sketch

This time on "Sketchy Monday" a sketch to a "Modern Day Erik"-Episode. In this case, the Halloween-Page: "Trick or Tr...."

The final page was already rough. But the scribble is even messier. But sometimes it is easier to get the expressions in the faces. In this case, I like Erik's expression here a bit more.

Samstag, 19. November 2011

Modern Day Erik - Living Corpse vs. Zombie Boy

I already mentioned Rick Genest or the Zombie Boy in my first entry about Modern Day Erik. I personally think, this is an extremly interesting tattoo he has. I think, he got some of the inspiration of an old irvory sculpture depicting a corpse in an advanced state of decomposition. Along with cadaver insects crawling over it. I figured out today, what this little humps on Genest's brain part of the tattoo are meant to be. Exactly those little insects. Unluckily I figured this out, while I was eating and looked at a print, I used as a reference.

Okay, I somehow loke this concept of the tattoo. But this is not "Modern Day Sara", this is "Modern Day Erik".And his opinion is far different. I can imagine, that Erik will be weirded out to just flatly pissed off, by Genest's appearance. A point of Erik's character is, that he yearns for a normal face. And this Genest guy get a face tattooed on his normal face, that make him look like a cadaver!! That is really some sick kind of charade, isn't it?! It would be really a weird kind of meeting between them. I am convinced about it. Here is again the picture, what my character design of Erik looks like without a mask:

And again a small disclaimer (because sometimes I have the feeling, we live in times, were everyone gets offended by everything): No, I have nothing against Mr. Rick Genest, as hopefully explained above, I depict not MY opinion about his tattoo. I try to figure out, how a fictional figure with this exact cadaverlike appearance of Mr Genest reacts to him.

Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Sketchy Monday - La Carlotta

Sketchy Monday again. And here some bits from my storyboard. The first two pictures belong to each other. The third is from a bit later scene. All three show La Carlotta in all her glory. I don't want to show her as a fat ugly bitch. Actually I envision her more as a quite attractive woman in her mid 20s, early 30s. And she doesn't sing awful. She had her not that small fanbase. And they couldn't all have been deaf. I think, her 'problem' is more, that she sings after the notes. But without passion and soul. My idea of her is more of a singing automaton, without any own interpretation of the music. Nice, but nothing really remarkable.

La Carlotta - Diva and total drama queen

La Carlotta - not necessarily a fat bitch

Samstag, 12. November 2011

Character sketches: Luna Manot

Originally, I planned for today another episode on Modern Day Erik. But I got hit by a drawing blockade. I am having the ideas and all. But not the nerve, to put it on paper. Which is quite unnerving. Okay, I made a storyboard for an upcoming episode. But that is really messy. The messy style, were only the drawer sees, what is meant to be shown. And even that not all the time.

So, I decided to show character sketches. Oddly enough, I didn't start with character sketches of Erik, but with his friend (in a non sexual way) Luna. Luna's name is actually a nickname, dedicated to her crescent moon mark on the cheek. Her real name is Louise. You already met her, in the "Trick or Tr...."-Comicstrip, were she appeared as some sort of goth girl. She is not really a goth, but she like odd costume ideas. And this costume idea was "Goth girl, who get killed off first in a slasher movie".

In the "Modern Day Erik" Comics she is Erik's flatmate and works as a photographer. In the comic project she is -as already mentioned- a friend to Erik, works as a singer at the opera house (nothing remarkable, but it pays the rent). She and Erik met each other already, before Erik went under the Opera house.

Montag, 7. November 2011

Sketchy Monday - A bit from the Storyboard

So, I thought, I should start "Sketchy Monday". On Monday you will get to see random sketches, bits from my storyboard. Because I do not want to give away too much of the story, only the pictures without text. Okay, lots of my readers here, won't understand the text, because I write the textes in German. :) But I hope, the sketches keep you interested. As sketches are, they are rough and messy. And only with the Otter-Stamp, it is the real deal!

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Modern Day Erik - Tea, Turtleneck and Cat

I had this blank page with letter-paper glued on it. It's not really good for watercolors, but I like the illustration. Erik may look a bit younger related to the previous drawings. But that is not something, I would consider as a mistake. I still envision Erik as a cat person. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a siamese cat. Since Susan Kay's novel the Phantom it has become some sort of fanon, that he always owns siamese cats. But there are also so beautiful domestic cats. Especially the red tigers X3

The writing on the cup says: "Undead".