Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

The Ladies - Character sketches

I have done some sketches of the female characters, who appear in Phantom of the Opera or in case of my interpretation "Opera".

La Carlotta - I have something of a person in mind, who tries a bit too hard
 to appear like a Grande Dame.

La Sorelli - I think, I make the ballett dancers a bit to thin  related to their time period.
 But La Sorelli is described as something swanlike. And as a drama queen, if I recall that correct.

Christine Daaé - Well, Christine again. In her modern day apperance.
But the character designs from my modern day series and Opera doesn't differ.

Meg Giry, Madame Giry and a random ballett girl. The sketch started as a attempt for La Sorelli.
But I thought, this looks more like a Meg. And Madame Giry is the Giry from the novel.
The Keeper for box five with some missing teeth.
Still don't know, if Madame Giry is that dumb,
as she appears in the book.

And again a little Luna sketch. Sorry for that. It is a modern day appearence.
And I made the sketch yesterday together with the Christine sketch in a café.
The face in the upper left corner didn't turn out, as I wanted. 

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