Samstag, 19. November 2011

Modern Day Erik - Living Corpse vs. Zombie Boy

I already mentioned Rick Genest or the Zombie Boy in my first entry about Modern Day Erik. I personally think, this is an extremly interesting tattoo he has. I think, he got some of the inspiration of an old irvory sculpture depicting a corpse in an advanced state of decomposition. Along with cadaver insects crawling over it. I figured out today, what this little humps on Genest's brain part of the tattoo are meant to be. Exactly those little insects. Unluckily I figured this out, while I was eating and looked at a print, I used as a reference.

Okay, I somehow loke this concept of the tattoo. But this is not "Modern Day Sara", this is "Modern Day Erik".And his opinion is far different. I can imagine, that Erik will be weirded out to just flatly pissed off, by Genest's appearance. A point of Erik's character is, that he yearns for a normal face. And this Genest guy get a face tattooed on his normal face, that make him look like a cadaver!! That is really some sick kind of charade, isn't it?! It would be really a weird kind of meeting between them. I am convinced about it. Here is again the picture, what my character design of Erik looks like without a mask:

And again a small disclaimer (because sometimes I have the feeling, we live in times, were everyone gets offended by everything): No, I have nothing against Mr. Rick Genest, as hopefully explained above, I depict not MY opinion about his tattoo. I try to figure out, how a fictional figure with this exact cadaverlike appearance of Mr Genest reacts to him.

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