Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Painting technique test - Meg & Christine

This is a technique test. I have something bigger in plan with the "Modern Day Erik"-series. And now, I am doing a test for the shading technique. I want to stay with the water colour, but I want to reducse the greyscales. So, it shouldn't be as detailed as the previous illustration "Tea for you".

And this time I took the chance to draw Modern Day Christine with Modern Day Meg. Okay, maybe Meg looks a bit asiatic. But I like her this way. And as in the orginal novel her father wasn't revealed (as far as I remember), I think it is okay, to imagine, that her modern day father may be from China, Korea, Japan or where else.

Meg is the pushy one, who talked Christine into going to the casting for the TV-Show "Germany's next Idol". And while Christine is insecure and all: I dont't know, if this is the right thing, Meg is all: You go!! Or I'll drag you by your blonde hair into the casting!!

I'll think, this reduced style is the one, I want to do the next comics about modern day Erik.

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