Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Modern Day Erik - The Persian

In the novel there is the character of the Persian or the Daroga, who roams also the Opera in search for Erik. In my "Modern Day Erik" series, this character appears a whole lot different to the original character of the novel. The main reason is, because modern day Iran is a whole lot differnt to old Persia under the reign of the Shah. In my version, the Persian or more accurately, Mr Jafari fled from Iran, when the mullahs came to power and his homeland became a theocraty.

 I can imagine, that Mr Jafari may have been among the students, who protested agains the Shah and who made the unplesant experience, that they were exchanging the pest with cholera. Now, he runs a Café in the city, were Erik, Luna and Christine live.

 I think, he may like Erik's company, because Erik speaks and understands the Farsi language. That's what I want to express with the drawing: Mr Jafari telling Erik something and Erik....ehrm.... not paying that much of attention....

Originally, the last name Jafari is the name of the persian greengrocer were my mother buys every now and then.

If you are interest in the situation in Iran, I recommend reading the graphic novel: Zahra's Paradise, that takes place in Iran during the great protests of 2009.

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