Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Modern Day Erik: "The Music Geek", "Stranger Danger" & "Oh, Christine"

I dedicded, to post the first three pictures about my "Modern Day Erik"-Series. So, they are all complete in one blog.

Modern Day Erik - The Music Geek
 This idea started my series of "Modern Day Erik". I stumbled one day over the facebook profile of a webcomic artist, who runs the profile as Erik. And Erik or more likely the artist wastes his or her time on playing Sims. And this while writing in the role of Erik. This arose the question in myself, what would Erik do in our times. Certainly not playing the Sims. I thought, that it would be more likely, that he would look through antiquaries on the hunt for rare and exquisite recordings. Erik would still cause lots of attention. But compared  to lots of Body Modyfication Artists, he looks rather normal. But yeah, there still would be lots of people who would be irritated. Just like the little girl in the Background: "Mommy!! The man wears a mask!! Why wears the man a mask?!" And the mom is just like lots of other parents: "Yes, dear. And he said what?!..." Failing in multitasking.

Modern Day Erik - Stranger Danger
This was the second picture. Commenters on Deviantart suggested, that Erik would still cause with his apperance lots of attention and fear. Especially in post 9/11 times. In my opinion, it depends, where Erik lives. Maybe in Europe the situation might be different to the situation in the USA. Authorities wouldn't see a threat in Erik. He isn't a radical muslim, he doesn't belong to a radical group from the left wing. And most importantly, he has a far too prominent apperance. But this won't keep his paranoid neighbors from calling the police, every time, Erik walks the dog. 

Modern Day Erik - Oh, Christine....

And in modern days, Erik still loves (or is obsessed with) Christine. To add a bit more drama, I think, Christine would make a good pop idol singer. Something like the early Britney Spears or even Miley Cyrus. And I think, this would give Erik enough reason for an extra deep sad sigh. Besides, the dog doesn't belong to Erik. It is Luna's dog (the girl with the knife in her head and the bat earrings in the "Halloween"-episode). Luna is an original character. And she will appear in the planned comic "Opera", too.

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